Frank Cowan founded his namesake company in 1927. His goal was to provide comprehensive insurance coverage backed by a dedicated, service-oriented staff. As Frank and his team developed in-depth knowledge of their clients’ needs and began writing policies to deal with increasingly complex risks and exposures, their reputation grew.

That reputation attracted Frank Cowan Company’s first municipal client in 1932, the small Southern Ontario village of Ayr. From then, other municipalities came calling, and the company established the strong foundation and sterling reputation that continues to this day.

Interestingly, Frank Cowan Company extended their product offering beyond municipal business based on reputation. Known as a reliable market, and with interest in specialty insurance, other municipal-related organizations started asking for their policy to be placed with Frank Cowan Company. The trend continued and it became not uncommon for the Company to insure the municipality, in addition the hospital, Children’s Aid Society and Conservation Area.

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