COVID-19 Research on Trails and Outdoor Recreation: What We’ve Learned So Far Webinar

October 01 2020

The Ontario Trails Council in partnership with Frank Company, Brock University and Trans Canada Trail presents a trail management webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what three research projects suggest about the impacts of COVID-19 on trail management communities, outdoor recreation behaviours, and protected area communication strategies.
  2. Appreciate the impacts of change in outdoor recreation participation due to COVID-19’s effects on mental, physical and emotional health.
  3. Recognize factors that influence trail communities and outdoor recreationists’ decision-making during COVID-19.
  4. Envision management strategies for maintaining quality trails and outdoor recreation participation based on current trends.
  5. What have we learned from 2020, and how can we prepare effectively for 2021?

Target Audience:

  1. Trail managers – municipal, conservation authority, private sector.
  2. Front line maintenance staff and volunteers.
  3. Organization decision makers.
  4. Anyone involved with trails and/or outdoor recreation management.


  • Dr. Tim O’Connell, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Brock University
  • Michael Goodyear, Trail Development Manager for Eastern Canada, Trans Canada Trail
  • John Foster, Research Assistant, Trail Assets and Tourism Initiative, Brock University

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