Greenway Trail Networks – Combining Nature, Culture and Recreation Webinar

October 22 2020

Greenway Trail Networks have become increasingly popular across North America. This webinar will discuss how to overcome barriers that make it difficult to get community support for multi-use trail projects, including Greenway Trail Networks. The speakers will reflect on strategies that have worked and not worked, and how lessons learned can be shared and replicated across regions. This will provide insight into how leveraging the proven benefits of multi-use trail networks can contribute to successful political and community engagement processes for approval.

Target Audience:

This webinar will be especially useful for planners, landscape architects, trail managers and advocates who are tasked with getting public approval for trail projects or interested in the benefits of multi-use trails.

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of identifying social barriers early in the trail approval process.
  • The importance of developing a vision that best represents the values of the community.
  • How to see challenges and concerns as opportunities for advancement.
  • Generate ideas surrounding how to acquire funding.
  • Share strategies to address social barriers on actual trail projects.


  • Chuck Flink, Owner, Greenways Inc.
  • Kim Greendahl, Greenway Specialist, Grand Forks
  • Kären Haley, Executive Director, Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc.
  • Sheila Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Parks Foundation Calgary

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