Webinar Series: Vision Zero – A Traffic Safety Initiative with Proven Results

December 02 2020

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Vision Zero – A Traffic Safety Initiative with Proven Results Webinar Series

Canada's road network was built for motor vehicles. It connects our communities, moves people, goods and services, and is an important player in our economy. Since the road network was first built, interventions have mainly focussed on improving safety for motor vehicles and its occupants with little consideration for the needs of other road users. Vision Zero is a traffic safety initiative built on the premise that collisions are not accidents and, as such, are predictable and preventable. 

Who Should Attend these Webinars?  
This webinar series is relevant for municipal decision makers.

This webinar series is available to Frank Cowan Company municipal clients and Ontario Good Roads Association members at no cost.

Webinar 3: Safe Roads – Let’s get started!
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET.

According to the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention – “road traffic injury prevention must be incorporated into a broad range of activities, such as the development and management of road infrastructure, the provision of safer vehicles, law enforcement, mobility planning, the provision of health and hospital services, child welfare services, and urban and environmental planning. The time to act is now. Road safety is no accident. It requires strong political will and concerted, sustained efforts across a range of sectors.”

In this webinar participants will learn what counter measures are proven effective to meet the needs of vulnerable road users and how these needs can be incorporated into your asset management plan.

Panel Members:
Juan M. Morales, P.E., President, J.M. Morales & Associates
Mark Wilson, Volunteer Researcher for Going the Extra Mile for Safety (GEMS)
Brian Anderson, Road Specialist, Frank Cowan Company
Moderator: Thomas Barakat, Manager, Policy and Research, Ontario Good Roads Association
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