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Rooftop Party Bylaw

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City of London is proposing a new Bylaw to make rooftop partying or “brewfing” illegal in response to increasing numbers of intoxicated students climbing onto rooftops to party during Western University’s Homecoming. In 2016, officers witnessed 15 rooftop parties. Consuming alcohol on a rooftop is not only dangerous as far as intoxicated people falling but authorities are concerned that roofs could collapse because they are not built to withstand the load.

Several other cities are considering taking similar steps. It seems inevitable that this will result in injury, property damage and subsequent claims in which the municipality could be included. It is recommended that municipalities who are aware of “brewfing” occurring address the issue to prevent an incident and to assist in defending the municipality should a claim occur.

A professor at Brock University in St. Catharine’s was quoted as saying that when someone is injured in a situation like this “Usually lawyers suggest suing the people with the deepest pockets and that would be the landlord or even the city.”