Risk Management Services

At Frank Cowan Company, protection is about more than just having the right insurance policy. It also means preventing claims before they happen. That’s why we base our client relationships on a firm foundation of risk management. Our team of experts will help to identify potential risks, examine your operational policies and procedures, and suggest ways to better protect your organization, ensuring every day is business as usual. With decades of municipal and public-sector experience, we’re familiar with the kinds of risks you might face and how you can prepare for them.

What is risk management?

Risk management is the practice of being prepared: understanding your environment and your exposure to existing or emerging risk factors. The right risk management strategy helps reduce your costs, which goes beyond the insurance premiums you pay.

Our risk management approach

Risk management is built into our offerings for all our clients, fully integrated into every insurance program. Our highly trained team of risk management experts can, at your request, assess your current environment for exposures. We do everything we can to minimize your exposure before potential incidents occur, from testing your ability to respond to an emergency to inspecting your properties so we can pinpoint potential risk factors.

As a Frank Cowan Company client, you can access our risk management expertise in multiple ways: through site visits, loss control inspections, education sessions and consulting services. Our continuous legislative reviews keep you fully informed of regulatory changes that could affect your liability and insurance coverage. For more information about our custom services and how we can help your municipality drive down its total cost of risk, view our risk and claims management video series.

With Frank Cowan Company as your partner, you know you’re doing all you can to protect yourself and your services. To learn more about our Risk Management Services, choose any of the links below: