Risk Management Consulting Services

Our commitment to you starts before there’s a claim. We do everything we can to help you mitigate and manage risk to keep your organization, services and properties safe, secure and protected. As part of our comprehensive risk management program, we offer a wide variety of risk management  services, including:

Contractual Reviews

Valuable feedback and insight on the suitability and effectiveness of liability provisions and insurance clauses in contracts and agreements.

Asset Valuation and Risk Inspection

Inspections review properties and operations for potential liabilities and provide extensive detail and documentation.

Educational Seminars

Seminars and training that focus on methods to reduce risk and recurring incidents.

Policy and Procedural Audits

Audit systems and processes to reduce potential losses by focusing on documentation, reporting and consistency with accepted standards and practices.

Claims History Analysis

Identify the cause of claims and focus on trends and patterns to help eliminate risk sources.

To learn more about our Risk Management Consulting Services, please contact:

Jessica Jaremchuk 
Director, Risk Management Services
Phone: 1-800-265-4000 ext. 55323
Email: jessica.jaremchuk@frankcowan.com