Contract Reviews

Frank Cowan Company has reviewed thousands of contracts on behalf of municipalities. One major purpose of a contract is to ensure that the assumed risks are identified and managed. The contract cannot make the risk disappear but it should determine who is responsible for its management and financing.  Insurance is the most widely accepted means of financing contractual risks. But, in order for insurance to be an effective financing vehicle, the risks must be identified and then supported by the correct insurance coverages to minimize your financial exposure.

We provide you with a contractual risk assessment and recommendations to help you determine the most appropriate liability transfers and the subsequent required insurance coverages.  Our contract reviews have included Boundary Road Agreements; Government Funding Contracts; CN/CP Rail, 407 ETR and MTO Road Overpass Construction Agreements; Shared Services; Mutual Aid; Developers’ Agreements; Solar and Wind Turbine Installations; Third Party Service Agreements for the Operation of Wastewater and Water Treatment Facilities; Marina Leases, Special Events Agreements as well as various Construction Contracts, to name a few.  This service also includes a review of the insurance requirements in Tender and RFP documents and supporting Certificates of Insurance.

This complimentary service is among our most popular because a third party contract review has the ability to make a substantial difference.  

To learn more about Contract Reviews, please contact:

Jessica Jaremchuk 
Director, Risk Management Services
Phone: 1-800-265-4000 ext. 55323